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Explore sustainable wildlife in Eastern Norway.

Take your next adventure into the deep forests of Finnskogen. 


Meet the guides

This is our team.
Our guides consist of experienced and skilled people, with long experience from hikes in the forests and mountains. The guides have extensive experience from the military and use this to create safety and learning for adventurous participants.


Imagine an early autumn morning somewhere deep inside Finnskogen. You make your way out of the tent and sense the morning chill tickleling on your nose. The sun is rising above the horisont and you see dew on spider webs in the surrounding trees. Thin ice is covering the nearby ponds and the rising sunshine reflects the colours of autumn. Picture that you light a fire and prepare for coffee from a frozen kettle. The smell of the bonfire. The flames. The birds that awakes. The sunlight. You stretch your sleepy body, and can really feel the calm feeling spreading inside you. The joy of being a here, this experience and being a part of something greater.






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